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Think you can't qualify for Medicaid?
Think again.

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Your all-in-one solution for Medicaid eligibility and senior financial planning

Research shows 48% of all nursing home residents end up spending down all of their assets before qualifying for Medicaid. We have an over 99% success rate in getting our clients qualified for Medicaid while legally protecting as many of their assets as possible.

Do you or a loved one need nursing home care? Our team can help you apply for Medicaid and achieve financial peace of mind.

The decision to place a loved one in a nursing home is difficult enough without the added stress of figuring out how to pay for it. Medicaid Filing Connection offers a proven, six-step program to understand your healthcare and financial needs, protect family assets, and expedite Medicaid approval. You can rest easy knowing that our expert team will be with you every step of the way.


It takes experts from many fields to navigate the complexities of Medicaid.
We bring them all together – all focused on your case. Our team includes:



Estate Planners

Estate Planners

Medicaid Experts

Medicaid Experts

Insurance Specialists

Insurance Specialists

Family Support Specialists

Family Support Specialists



Know the legal options for Medicaid eligibility

You do NOT have to spend down your assets and deplete your life savings to qualify for Medicaid. Your licensed attorney will determine which legal strategies will make you eligible.

How We Help:
Our Specialized Team helps you or your loved one get qualified for Medicaid – but the process doesn’t stop there. From start to finish, Medicaid Filing Connection is your full service solution.


Medicaid Application Filing

The Medicaid application process for nursing home care is complicated. As your authorized representative, our Medicaid experts will handle all the details of filing and documentation.

Financial Preservation Planning

Prior to applying for Medicaid, our team will develop a plan to restructure your financial assets, putting you or your loved one in a better position to qualify. If there’s a healthy spouse, we can also ensure they have the resources they need.


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Home Protection

Real estate and Medicaid eligibility can be tricky. Our team will advise on the best way to legally manage these complexities, so you can keep the property in your estate or get the best financial return from selling.

Senior Transitions 101

Senior Transitions 101 is more than just a comprehensive handbook for navigating senior care options. It’s also a source of support and understanding for the caregiver.

With clarity, compassion, and practicality, Dr. Amy Arp gently guides you through every challenge you might encounter as your parent or loved one grows older.

You’ll learn how to:

Manage caregiver stress before it leads to burnout
Organize your loved one’s affairs without losing your mind
Understand all your loved one’s options for care
Decide what kind of senior care is best
Pay for senior care without selling the house or going broke
Help your loved one manage change and transitions
Prepare for end-of-life decisions ahead of time

Brimming with resources, practical tools, and a full glossary, Senior Transitions 101 is the ultimate guide for senior care. Think of it as the knowledgeable friend you can turn to time and again during your caregiving journey.






As part of our commitment to serving the population we work with and our communities, in 2020 we rolled out our Give Back Campaign. This program provides complimentary (to the family and the facility) placement services to skilled nursing facilities. Click the button below to search for a skilled facility in your area, or contact us for further personalized one-on-one assistance.

Our team saves you on average more than 50 hours of work by handling the entire process on your behalf.

Investing in our services early on will expedite the legal process and funding you receive.

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    How We Help

    Our Specialized Team helps you or your loved one get qualified for Medicaid–but the process doesn’t stop there. From start to finish, Medicaid Filing Connection is your full-service solution.

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